Questions/Answers – Minulaen


Yes, you can sell the immovable property by repaying the loan balance to the lender.

Yes, you can repay your loan early by notifying the company three months in advance; in this case you will not be charged any additional loan expenses.

Yes, you can. All your loans can be combined into one if the mortgage value is sufficient.

Yes, you can if the residual price of the immovable property is sufficient.

Yes, after it has been mortgaged, it needs to be insured.

The loan amount will be disbursed within three banking days following the establishment of mortgage, payment of notary’s fees and state fee.

The valuation report is not always required; sometimes photos of the object are enough. If necessary, you can order a valuation report from any valuation company, e.g., 1Partner, Domus Kinnisvara, Uusmaa, Pindi Kinnisvara, Ober-Haus Kinnisvara.

To be issued a loan, a mortgage has to be established on your security and the notary’s fees and the state fee have to be paid. All such expenses can be paid from the loan amount.

You may receive a preliminary decision within 2 hours. If we need any additional information, e.g., a valuation report, the decision will be given within 2 days.

First of all, you should contact our company by phone or e-mail in order to make a joint decision on how to proceed: either to extend the loan repayment term or take a grace period.

Yes, this will not be a problem. If necessary, the loan can be received in cash or transferred to the bank account of your friends or relatives.