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Loans for purchasing immovable property



MINULAEN is a company engaged in providing to clients financing secured by mortgage. You can benefit from our services if you are pressed for time to complete loan paperwork or if your bank refuses to issue a loan to you.
Our loan interest rate is higher than the one offered by banks, but our terms are simpler and more flexible. We do not charge clients for early loan repayment and do not apply a loan agreement amendment fee. If you have any debts, this will not affect making a decision on issuing a loan. Any expenses related to issuing a loan, such as a notary’s fee or state fee, can be added to the loan amount. We conduct immovable property valuation free of charge. Currently, we issue loans secured by mortgage only to legal entities.

To apply for a loan, please fill out the form and we will contact you promptly.
We will take care of any paperwork related to issuing the loan. You can rest assured; trust our expertise and professionalism. We make all loan decisions in 2 hours within a working day.
Within 48 hours following a positive loan decision, we complete all necessary procedures and transfer the money to the account you have specified.

  1. Loans are issued for a term of up to 20 years.
  2. Minimum loan amount – EUR 1000.
  3. Loan interest rate starting from 10% per annum (0.85% per month).


1000 € 200000 €
1 20
10% 20%
Monthly payment