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Loan refinancing

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MINULAEN offers an option of reducing the loan burden to those who already have a loan. Today, MINULAEN offers the most advantageous terms on the mortgage secured financing market.

Our company will solve problems regarding your loans received from other credit institutions by repaying the principal amount, interest and fines.

We are ready to help you even if your case has been handed over to the bailiff. Our company will be of assistance if your immovable property has already been mortgaged or if there is a restriction on using your immovable property for taking a loan.

Currently, we issue loans secured by mortgage only to legal entities.

Loan terms:

  1. Minimum loan amount EUR 1000
  2. Loan period from 1 month to 20 years
  3. Interest rate from 10 % p.a.
  4. Loan agreement fee 2% from the loan amount
  5. Valuation report is not mandatory
  6. As an option, a loan without monthly repayments; the loan may be repaid by a single repayment at the end of the loan period.

To be issued a loan, you should fill out the form.

The immovable property valuation report   is not mandatory, but its availability will speed up the process of reviewing the loan application and will make an impact on the final loan interest rate.